Project on development of RNC BSEC SIAC

Project on development of Situational Information-Analytic Center of Russian National Committee for Black Sea Economic Cooperation (RNC BSEC SIAC)

Creation of Situational Information-Analytic Center is related to solving the most complicated information-analytic managerial problems in the process of making decisions by Decision-Makers (DM). Objectives of SIAC:

  1. to provide Decision-Makers with effective access to information on object condition and on occurrence of unfavorable tendencies;
  2. to provide technical specialists with means for analyzing and forecasting of object condition, along with means to support planning of events;
  3. to issue reporting documents in table and graphic forms, optimized for application in current processes of operative and strategic decision making;
  4. to ensure interaction with network of regional administrations, employees’ work in various specializations, DM information support.

The SIAC will provide DM and population of the region with information about object and will ensure effective communication between objects’ personnel, administrations management of subjects of a region, where object is located, emergency-wrecking formations (EWF). SIAC will also be applied for planning and monitoring, for social interrogation, researches, for providing normal conditions for object operation, for prevention and liquidation of after-effects of emergency situations (ES) and etc.

In the frames of the present project it is planned to implement the following:

  1. To investigate the existing approaches to the analysis and visualization of geospatial information, to analyze their advantages and disadvantages, efficiency of their application in situation centers.
  2. To develop an integrated solution for visual analysis of geospatial information, that will be based on methods and approaches of neo-geography and virtual communication (stereoscopic visualization, possibility of entering voice inquiries in natural language and control with the help of gestures). Using technology of restoration of three dimensional scenes on the basis of images, along with the project documentation, there will be created models of landscape, buildings and constructions, communication lines, and lines of gas and power supply.
  3. To create “Integrated Virtual Object” system, with the help of which it will be possible to build three dimensional models of real objects on the ground, in air space, on and under water.

Study of foreign and domestic experience of creation of electronic cities and government teaching systems has demonstrated that the main problem is non-mating of systems used in various departments, regions and countries for solving their problems  within the bounds of joint project.

Technology of extended reality, based on imposition of images, generated by a computer, onto representation of real world, will allow extending the range of possibilities of SIAC (which is especially important for salvation teams):

  • to orient in “real” three dimensional space, instead of using a flat map with designations which are not always apprehensible;
  • to transmit and receive instructions and directions, integrated with geo-information;
  • to see hidden objects: communication lines, objects behind the wall, in the darkness and etc.

Center of EMERCOM (Moscow, Russia) and “Decision Theatre”, functioning in Arizona (Tempe, USA) were used as prototype centers for SIAC. The Arizona center uses a panoramic system of virtual environment, consisting of 7 screens and providing effect of complete DM immersion.

Apart from specialists of the RNC BSEC, scientists and experts of scientific research institution of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Science and other scientific institutions take part in this work.